What do you do when things are growing slowly

WaitinginHope_logo_F_webI haven’t found the secret to having tons of success. I know many people will visualize it as something that is unobtainable or impossible. And nothing is going to happen overnight. A thing that I always try to believe in is the ability to be resilient. When things are going completely wrong, I try to keep going. Trust me, it is not easy. However, if you choose to give up when things are becoming hard, I can’t say that that is the best choice.

For example, I used to have a student that was really quiet. They didn’t want to talk to me and their responses were always short. I thought that they were really shy, so I let them feel comfortable by not engaging in too much conversation. I focused on the lesson a lot more. It turns out that we weren’t a great fit as a teacher to student. The student eventually quit lessons and their mom chose to ghost me instead of coming to talk to me. At that time, I thought that everything was over. You have to remember: I only had 4 students. Therefore, losing a student was not easy. It was actually devastating because I was losing a part of my income. I thought about quitting teaching. After that, I spent a couple of days feeling really sad for myself. I thought that students would never like me and I was doing something wrong. However, that was hardly the case. I decided to keep going. And look at where I am now… I have about 36 lessons that I teach every week. It wasn’t fast and things didn’t grow very quickly. It was worth it however. I never knew that waiting could pay off, but it definitely did.

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