Setting Up a Teaching Schedule

Setting up your teaching schedule is a pain. It’s tedious, boring, and time-consuming. I know that it’s all of these. Is there any way to evade having to do it? The answer is no. I’m not a perfect person. Nor am I the perfect teacher, but you can bet that I work twice as hard to keep up with my teaching schedule. As you may guess, I don’t manage my own schedule. I have my assistant set up my schedule. At first, I used to use the old fashioned hand written planner to organize my teaching; that was okay. However, I realized that my schedule is constantly changing and that planner is just not going to work for me. I needed to convert to a scheduler that can adjust for everyday changes. It’s not easy, but I’ve found that Google Calendar is one of the best for me. I’m still testing it out however. And it’s not perfect. However, I think I will grow to like it a lot.

As of now, I haven’t found a perfect calendar for me. I mean, I used to love my written planner… but that slowly stopped working for me. It’s much easier to be digital. And since Google Calendar links with my email account, I don’t have to worry that I will lose it.

The biggest question that you may have is: how do I organize my schedule? As you may guess, I have to schedule out every hour of my day. And guys, I’m not that disciplined. Give me a break. I’m only human. If I were to work ALL THE TIME, I would go insane. I need free time to clean the house and relax. I cannot imagine filling up every hour of my day with work.

My best advice is to start slow. Set up a calendar and start inputting all of your lesson times. Make sure that it looks good to you. You are in charge of your work 🙂 Be strong and start going!


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