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For the last two days, I’ve been taking a break from work. It’s been something of a struggle when I think about the large amount of work I have to do when I come back from my break. It’s not a surprise that I get more students than I can handle during these two days off. I can’t really describe the feeling that I have when I know that my business is becoming so successful, but my studies is not. It’s bittersweet. You know something is doing great, but another aspect of your life is not doing well. I’ve been struggling this year to find a balance where I can maintain both of these important things in my life. However, to no avail, I haven’t. There has also been many distractions that have taken my focus away from my studies.

So now we are here: do I postpone my test date or do I stick with the date I originally planned? I know that this blog post is very different from my usual posts, but I wanted to try something new. Let me know what I should do. Any advice would be appreciated.


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