How to Use Social Media for Your Website


Social media is a great platform for advertising and what I like most is that it’s free. There are also many platforms: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. If you are active on all of these platforms, you are able to reach hundreds of people each day.

The first step is to sign up for all of these platforms. Make an account and use similar usernames for each. I’ve found that this is the longest part, but once you do it, it’s already done! And it’s really exciting. You are beginning the journey to being a successful website owner. I look back at the very beginning of my journey and I miss it. I was still discovering everything and it was so new to me.

The second thing that you should do is link all of your social media together. The most important thing is to link them to your website. Constantly link all of them together. You want people to know that you have social media and they can continue to follow you on these platforms. If you never tell anyone, no one is going to know.

Thirdly, you should post multiple times a day on each of these platforms. People want to look at content and additional content. Post advertisements for your website and talk about what you’re doing for the day. Remember that you are creating a brand and that you have to post content that people will like.

The last thing I would do is use these platforms to send out your blogs. You want to have these platforms as a way to send out your content and get people to visit your website. If you do all of these effectively, I have no doubt that you will be successful with social media!

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