How to Get Piano Students

Piano students are not easy to get nowadays because of the competitive market. I always used to think that people are just not taking music lessons anymore, but that is not the case either. You have to have the right price and location to get students. Even then, there is no secret formula to getting students. However, I’ve found that effective advertising can get you many phone calls. What do I mean by effective advertising? You have to sell yourself correctly. Not everyone is going to like you, but if your ad is not appealing, then you can forget that anyone is going to call you.

I’ve found that potential students really like when a person has a strongly worded bio about themselves in their ad. I worded myself as a person that loves teaching and is looking to instruct rather than earn money. I don’t consider myself a very great advertiser, but this method works pretty well. At the time when I wrote it, I felt very strongly about being honest and respectful. It’s better to show that you are a good person rather than a person that is only looking for students.

Another thing that helps is to have a Facebook page that shows you are a real piano teacher. I mean, there are so many scammers on the internet that people find it hard to trust anyone. Facebook is a excellent source for advertising and it could get you many piano students. I also recommend that you have a Facebook page for your piano studio. And you should upload pictures of yourself and your recitals. All of this information and proof helps when they are considering whether or not to call you.

Overall, be confident of yourself. Know that getting piano students takes a lot of time and it doesn’t happen overnight. Be consistent and don’t give up. Once you post your ads, just wait. People will respond and you will be well on your way to starting up a successful piano studio 🙂


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