Am I advertising too much?

block-adsThere are many people that will tell you that you are advertising too much, but I wouldn’t pay too much attention to that. We are business owners and advertising is the name of the game. Many piano teachers will advertise in their local community. What I realized is that people will get upset about it. And I don’t understand why. Why does it affect them? I can’t imagine how much it takes to bother a person for them to go out of their way to complain. This is definitely a sensitive subject. It is. There are many opinions about this, but the main point is to not stop advertising. Advertisements are everywhere. If it really bothers someone, then there is nothing that you can do. I mean, you’re just a person on the internet. How much could your advertisement bother them?

I’ll give you an idea on how much I advertise: I pretty much advertise every week. It’s not annoying. There are more people on Facebook that post more than I do. We can’t please everyone. And if someone is giving you a hard time about advertisements, then you might have to ignore them. Businesses need advertisements. There are also advertisements everywhere. Don’t apologize. You need to get your products/services out there. It’s okay 🙂


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