How to be productive


This isn’t just the average post that people usually write. I know that we are busy people and it’s not easy to make time to do everything, but I don’t think that we are really as busy as we think we are. For example, when you get home from work, you have plenty of time to clean the house. You just don’t. Isn’t that true? There’s time throughout the day and you are not always 100% busy throughout it. If you really want to be honest with yourself, look at your home. Is it a mess? Productive people are not super heroes. We actually spend A LOT of time doing stuff. Do we have days where we relax? Yes. However, we have pretty much mastered the beast “productivity.”

Okay, let’s talk about it. When I am at home, am I laying down on the couch? No. I usually spend as long as I need to do everything that I can. I clean, cook, study, and complete everything for my business. How do I do that? For example, in one hour, I’ll try to accomplish as much as I can. I’m doing that right now actually. I started working at 9:30 am and I’ve been going. It’s now 12:49 pm and I’ve accomplished a lot. Do as much as you can in a certain time slot. I don’t believe that people are busy, I think they use that as an excuse.

Alright, I don’t think it’s much of a surprise to everyone that I have an assistant that helps me with everything. He helps me manage two businesses and he does things that I don’t really have time to do. When the both of us are working, my productivity level is doubled. So if you find yourself drowning in your workload, think about hiring someone to help you. If I didn’t have my assistant, I don’t think I would be able to manage everything. Let’s be honest. As much work as I do, there will always be more tasks to get done. It never ends. However, an assistant has changed my life. I don’t worry anymore about the mountain of workload that I have.

Remember, this isn’t something that you can implement right away. Productivity is a skill that you have to exercise constantly. When I’m writing a blog post, I have my laundry going and my food heating up. It’s not magic, I’ve been practicing for years. In return, my house is clean and I have time to actually relax. Try this in your every day life and let me know how it goes 🙂


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