This Game is Amazing! [Dust Buster 2]


This game is absolutely amazing. If you are looking to spice up your piano lessons, then you need to download this app. I tested it out with my students, and they love it! It syncs with the piano and it makes playing songs much more rewarding. The basic premise is that there is a lady who is trying to clean the dust off of her piano. When the dust arrives, it is your job to play the piano key so she can hit the dust away.


I wasn’t a huge fan of letting my students play games during their lessons because I didn’t think that games were appropriate for lesson time. However, since I am always looking to upgrade my teaching game, I decided to give it a try. The results were better than I expected. The graphics are cute and the students are learning how to recognize the different keys.


The game is set up like this. When the dust arrives, the students plays F on the piano and the dust disappears. You are graded by how well you time the notes, the accuracy of the note, and the completion of the song. There are many songs that you can play in this game and each song becomes more difficult as you level up.


Ultimately, I would highly recommend this app. I know that it’s available for iphone users and it’s free πŸ™‚ Piano teachers need to step up their game and become technology savvy! I’m going to test this out for another week. Some of my students can’t get past level 3, but we are working on it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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