Dealing with no shows and ghosting (piano edition)

Today, I lost two students out of nowhere. The parents were friendly before and very interested in continuing lessons. This was their children’s third lesson with me and everything was going great. They didn’t let me know ahead of time that they were planning on canceling for good. I’m not sure how I feel about being treated like that, but I honestly don’t take it personal anymore. In the beginning, I took it very personal. I didn’t want to be ignored or canceled on, but that’s just how business works. You can only let them know that they can count on you in the future if they want to start lessons again, but this is completely normal. I’m not hurt. I just wanted to give you advice if you happened to also feel this way.

My first advice is to ask yourself how many students is it that you want. I didn’t want that many, but it’s difficult to say no. I was definitely accepting more than I can handle. And it felt more like a relief to let go of these two students. I now have 33 and that is more than plenty to keep my schedule full. How many are you looking for?

The second advice I have is to consistently advertise. I’ve heard that many teacher double book their lessons because they are always ready for cancellations. They have a long waitlist of students that are eager to start lessons. This is something that I want to start doing. It’s smart and it is best to have a backup plan ready all the time.

If you are struggling with this issue of ghosting or cancellations, you are not alone. We all face this sometime in our teaching career. Be prepared and smart. If you’re always ready, you won’t ever have to worry about this problem. You can sleep easy knowing that your business will last for many years πŸ™‚

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Best wishes, Lia

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