Hosting your first recital

Carnegie Hall, Zankel Hall, Polshek Partnership Architects

Ahhh… the dreaded recital days. These are my absolute favorite days and I love teasing my students about it. I talk about it as if we are going to a party, but they know that it’s the exact opposite of a party. It’s actually the time that they are asked to perform in front of dozens strangers that they don’t know. And they are expected to like it?? Yes, I don’t expect them to like it a lot, but I do expect them to do it. They also have to do it well.

I remember the days in which I hosted my first recital. It was easy and it didn’t take that much work. I had many people help me set up everything. My students were nervous, but they were proper. I think that we all bond through the experience of a recital. It’s about the days in which we are so nervous about, but we seem to enjoy it when it’s over. It’s a right of passage and there can only be so many recitals left in a person’s youth. They should enjoy it, but they shouldn’t be devastated by it.

Pick a theme that you like and stick to it. I picked spring as my first recital theme. It was pretty, and I gave everyone a yellow or pink rose. I really recommend that everyone choose a theme that they like for their recital, but don’t go overboard. It’s easy for piano teachers to think that we can do anything. We spend so many hours preparing and scheduling that we often forget to take care of ourselves. Therefore, please don’t stress about hosting your first recital. And remember that simple is better. Best of luck on your first recital!

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