I’m not charging more for my lessons

Piano teachers should not charge a ridiculous amount for their lessons. I’m not saying that $50-60 is not a good price, but I am saying that $80-100 is highly unreasonable. One lesson is not enough to advance a student right away. It takes many lessons for a student to start seeing improvement. I just don’t understand how charging that much for lessons is good. You see, it’s difficult for students to continue with lessons for many years. Most will stay for a year and then quit. I’m not really surprised by that statistic because I understand that it takes passion to keep lessons going.

Many families are just not willing to pay that much for lessons. I mean… are you really going to charge a student $100 to teach them A,B,C,D,E,F, and G? They teach that at school and it doesn’t cost the family any money. If you are living in an expensive neighborhood, then charging more will work in your favor. However, every state has its own economic standard.

Lessons are valuable. I think that my time teaching is very important. If I am not being given the kind of respect that I deserve, I’m not going to chase. Piano teachers have to be valued. And many parents have little knowledge of the value of lessons. It’s okay, but don’t try to find bargain lessons. Do not take advantage of free lessons and materials from teachers. Teachers are valuable. You wouldn’t treat other people with such disrespect. So please, make sure that everything is done the proper way.

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