5 Simple tips on how to improve communication with your piano teacher or the student’s parents

I’m hoping that your communication with your piano teacher is already strong, but if you need extra help, let this blog post be your guide! I’ve always found it quite astounding how some parents and teachers can become hostile towards one another. Your child’s teacher is educating your child and I assume is putting towards a great effort to teach them. Therefore, the communication between both parties should be strong. Let’s jump right into some of these tips:

1. Use text message

Smartphone gebruiker

Let’s face it, we all don’t have time to make phone calls. And sometimes, some information can be sent quicker through texts. Text message is one of the handiest forms of communication and it should be heavily utilized. Lesson cancellations and “i’m going to be late” messages are perfect for text messaging.

2. Let parents know ahead of time


Parents really appreciate it when you let them know what’s going to happen in the future. You should tell them when you plan on going on vacation, what time lessons are going to be next week, or when recitals are. I think that this is another great thing to implement as a teacher. Parents are often juggling many things at once. You have to remind them and let them know in advance. Trust me!

3. Keep an open line of communication about the student’s progress


This can go both ways. Parents should provide weekly updates on how the child is progressing at home and the teacher should provide weekly updates on how the child is progressing in lessons. Why is this important? Both parties are interested in the success of the child. You both have to work together to make sure the child is always on track. It’s a teamwork.

4. Be really clear about your expectations


If you want to be paid for each lesson, make sure the parents know. If the teacher is not listening to your child enough, then let them know. You can’t expect for either party to know how the other party is feeling if no one is clear about what they expect. This is difficult. However, there has to be a trust between both parties and that doesn’t just magically appear. It happens when both parties understand what is going on and what the expectations are.

5. Be friendly


Okay, you must be thinking that I’m joking or something. I’m not. The number one tip that I can recommend is just to be friendly. Hostility and anger is not necessary. When you are friendly, people will like you and want to work with you. Keep in mind that there’s no magic recipe on how to be the best piano parent or best piano teacher. It requires trial and error, but there’s nothing wrong with keeping everything friendly. Be nice and welcoming. And I promise you that it will go a long way!

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