Still working on having a pet-free studio

I love my dogs with all my heart and I couldn’t imagine not having them with me. However, when I’m teaching young kids, I don’t understand why my dogs have to try to bite them 😦 I can keep them outside or in another room, but my dogs won’t stop barking! It’s become quite a problem and that’s why I moved studios. In my new studio, I can rest assured that my students won’t be scared anymore. The dogs remain at my family’s house and I love visiting them. Don’t worry, they never moved homes. I just had to change studios.

I wonder how other teachers introduce their pets to their students. My dogs seem to forget that they see my students every week. I couldn’t possibly train my dogs to stop barking because they are spoiled. We spoiled them with too much love and attention. If someone else is not in the same room with them, they start barking. I also have some more questions. If you have a pet in your studio, how do you manage them while you’re conducting lessons? I know that my students love dogs and they always want to pet them. However, I’m way too cautious to let my dogs near them.

I also had another incident in which my dogs seem to have torn down their doggy door. They tore it down and sped into the house. My students were so scared that they jumped on top of the chair. It’s quite embarrassing and I wouldn’t wish this kind of scenario on any music teacher! So, let me know how you would handle this kind of situation. Pets are amazing and they will always stay in the home. I love them too much, but I wish mine were friendly.

Please post in the comments and let me know if you have any suggestions for me. If you had a similar experience, share it in the comments too. Let’s make this a great community for music teachers πŸ™‚

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