Rant about online sheet music

OKAY, so this isn’t a regular blog post and I hope it’s okay if I rant just for today. I am so upset by some companies or other websites that are charging for sheet music. Sheet music IS public domain. Chopin didn’t intend for his music to be sold by these companies. He wrote tons of music and it’s wrong to make your own profit off of his work. These companies probably can’t even write their own music if they tried. They’re lucky that these composers are not around to sue all the money from them. Students, parents, and teachers are looking to find sheet music to develop their playing. How is it fair to charge $2 for a piece of sheet music? I understand everyone wants to make money, but this is not the right way. Unless you are making your own music or making your own content, then please don’t sell other people’s stuff. I am so frustrated that I have to heavily search the internet to find a Chopin etude. They can’t possibly think that this is the right thing to do. Scribd is also a culprit at this. All of this music should be public domain. I hate that people are trying to monetize over everything. If you are a parent, teacher, or student, please be aware of these websites. Sheet music should be completely FREE. It should be illegal to sell a copy of Beyonce’s sheet music for the piano on the internet. It takes no effort for these people to use the sheet music. And that gives them NO right to sell it. I’ll show you some examples:

Please be careful. You shouldn’t have to pay for sheet music. If you want my help finding any music, just comment below or subscribe. Thank you πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Rant about online sheet music

  1. Your rant doesn’t make sense to this musician. Who is expected to pay for the paper, ink, and labor to print the sheet music? I’m certainly not going to spend my money on paper, ink, and the time necessary to print something without making money to put into my retirement account, covering my expenses, and buying more paper, ink, and labor to print more sheet music.

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    1. Oh, wait, are you talking about selling out individual sheets of music in stores? Because I think that would be okay. It’s just hard to find music that’s free on the internet :/


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