When should you start investing into your piano business?


I feel like you guys are used to me saying this now… but it is up to you. I didn’t really start investing into my business until I was in my second year. I began buying pencils, incentives, books, and other materials. Were they necessary? Yes. I ended up using a ton of these supplies. On the other side of the spectrum, I don’t believe that you need all of these supplies to be considered a good teacher. All you really need is a piano and a pencil. However, most of the youtubers today are showing hundreds of different materials that you MUST need in order to be a good piano teacher. That’s bogus. In some of my lessons, I only use a pencil. And guess what? My students are more than okay with that. I don’t need to give them stickers all the time or freebies. I feel like my students enjoy humor and conversation the most. Ask them about their day. Talk to them about how they feel towards a particular song. Encourage them to ask questions. Share stories about your own day with them. You are trying to build a teacher-student bond with them and that doesn’t happen just by giving them incentives.

If you are interested in some of the supplies that I feel are absolutely necessary to teaching when you reach your third/fourth year, then I will list them out for you.


For some reason, kids go crazy over stickers. Stickers don’t work so well with adults, but kids love having the choice of choosing their favorite sticker. I have many students that ask to choose more than one sticker. And that is when you have to decide whether or not they deserve it haha. However, I believe that stickers are crucial to personalization of their piano book and kids love it. Go sticker crazy!

Pencils, Pens, and Markers

These are ABSOLUTELY necessary. I’ve never met a teacher that doesn’t carry a large stack of pens and pencils. I am constantly writing on books and I use them for every lesson. Invest on cheap pencils and pens. You don’t need anything too fancy. Prepare for students to ruin them also!

Sticky note bookmarks

This is something new that I am implementing this year. I use one color for each week. For example, I will bookmark all the pages we covered in lesson 1 in blue. Next week, all the pages will be bookmarked with pink. This helps keep track of which pages you work on each week of lessons.

If you have anything else to add, please join the conversation in the comments!

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