Is amazon trustworthy for buying piano books?


Amazon is a popular ordering service and it has many benefits. I’ve found that it is sometimes reliable, but what if you need the books for that particular week? For example, I ordered a book that I needed for a student. And I was expecting that it should arrive on a certain date before the next lesson. When the time rolled around, I didn’t get my book. In this case, I heavily relied on Amazon. They were able to send me most of all my stuff in the past, but what happened? I have eight books that were missing. It’s quite embarrassing to tell your students over and over again that the book should be getting here soon. My students are not responsible for this issue and maybe it’s the postman that is to blame. However, whatever the issue, I think you should keep using Amazon. Wow, what a twist! I mean, there were many times that amazon delivered my package right and I can’t blame them for the times that they messed up once/twice. I also like that they give you only one fee for shipping.

As a piano teacher, I don’t have time to go to the music store. My students know this, and I will occasionally go to the music store if I need the book for THAT week. However, I use Amazon as an easy method of getting my books. So if you are deciding whether or not to use Amazon, please consider that they are very reliable and affordable. They are a great service and I would definitely trust them with ordering my books.

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One thought on “Is amazon trustworthy for buying piano books?

  1. You should become a member of Amazon Prime Now. It’s $99 a year but you always get free shipping and two-day turnaround. I’ve been a member for 2 years and have bought thousands of items for my businesses. Amazon has never disappointed me.

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