How the heck do I start my own business


This is the question that everyone struggles with when they are beginning to start their own business. I know that I struggled with starting my own business. There were so many things that I didn’t know anything about. And this doesn’t just apply to starting a piano or blogging business. This blog applies to ALL businesses. I wanted to give you some tips on how to correctly start up your business and how to feel confident about the business that you’re starting. If you’re like me, you want to do as much as you can. There are only so many hours in the day and every second is precious. You need to understand that not everything happens overnight. You have to be patient and wait. Waiting may be the most difficult part, but it is very rewarding once you see results.

1. Know that your business has to be lucrative. You have to be able to make enough money from it realistically. If you are not getting enough income from your business after it has been properly established, it might be time to think of another idea.

2. Charge less now and raise your prices after you are established. People love getting a great deal and it is proven that prices are EVERYTHING. Your customer/client will always ask you what your prices are. And if they like it, they will buy your product. You can always raise your prices later. Don’t worry, you will be much more satisfied with this plan.

3. Advertise as much as you can. Do not spend all your money on advertisements. Some ads can be completely free. Printing flyers is a very good and cheap way to advertise. I also advertise on facebook and by joining facebook groups. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money in the beginning. Don’t worry. You don’t need to chuck out all your cash. Save your money and find better alternatives.

4. Be consistent. If you are teaching, consistently keep in contact with your students. Put in the extra effort and offer lots of advice. They need your help and sometimes it is better to not charge them for your help. Put in some extra time for lessons. An extra 5 minutes is not going to hurt you. Once you do more, people will start to take notice. Show up every week and put in consistent effort. People love that!

5. Find ways to be unique. I think that having a blog is so rewarding and fun. Not many teachers are sharing their blog online. I also create apples with construction paper that I give my students every week. I’ll write a fact from the lesson, so they can see what we learned every week. I also choose seasonal stickers to give to them. My recitals are extra special because I give them goody bags. Find ways to make yourself special and they will stay. You have to make yourself stand out. There are tons of music teachers that do only the bare minimum. And that’s okay. However, if you want your business to last for years, if might be time to make some changes.

All in all, feel proud of the business that you are creating. Stick to it and keep trying. If you inevitably want to work for yourself, you have to believe in yourself. It takes a lot of effort… I know. Trust me, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time working on my business. But guess what? I’m still in business πŸ™‚ Trust me, we were all in the same boat before. Most people won’t talk about it. They’ll say something about how they are able to go on vacations and still make money, but it took a huge amount of effort for them to make that happen. Don’t spend all your money on starting your business. Find ways to save money, but just dive right in. You have to start somewhere. Even if you just started, you’re lapping everyone that is still sitting on the couch.

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2 thoughts on “How the heck do I start my own business

  1. I’m 62 and am known as a “serial entrepreneur” because I like to start businesses. Mostly for other people and corporations, but sometimes for me. So with 55 years of experience in starting businesses, I’m going to disagree with you. My own list would be this:
    1 – Capitalize your company. If your company is not capitalized, it probably will fail within 5 years, if not sooner.
    2 – Market your company. Advertise. If you can’t market your company properly, you’ll fail. If you don’t capitalize your company properly, you can’t market your company properly. The end of your company. Your company product DOES NOT have to be lucrative providing that you capitalize your company properly so you can market your company properly.
    3 – Market your company. Advertise. Yes. I say it again. You can have the best mousetrap in the world but if no one knows about that mousetrap, no one will buy it. How do you let people know about the world’s best mousetrap? By marketing your company properly. By advertising.

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