What to expect from your child’s teacher


You may feel like your child’s teacher is not doing enough to prepare your child for success. You may also feel like they are extremely hardworking and you are more than satisfied with the results. Either way, your teacher is an extremely crucial part of your child’s learning. Their teacher is working to instill your child with knowledge and concepts. It takes awhile for this process to happen. I have found that it takes me 1 month to see significant progress from a student. I teach in 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour intervals. If you choose to have lessons for 30 minutes a week, I am able to sufficiently teach your child enough information in that time. How is that possible? For many teachers, 30 minutes is not enough time. It goes by quickly and teachers are often rushing to finish teaching. For me, I spend ALL of the time teaching. I might begin by asking how your child is feeling that day or how they’re doing at school. However, that conversation is short and I jump right into teaching. All of my students know this about me. I am very focused and I cram lots of information into one lesson. I have students practice the music multiple times. I’m not a rigorous teacher either, I just expect accomplishments to be made. I am too nice to my students and I am not good at discipline. However, when we are having lessons, my students progress further. They learn more and they are constantly challenged. Teaching is heavily varied among all teachers. Ask your teacher what their method of teaching is and what kind of timeline/expectations they have for your child. Remember to also be kind to your teacher. They are inevitably putting more hours into teaching than you may think. Cheers, and have a great day!

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