Is thumbtack a good method of getting piano students?


Ahhh… I think this is the age-old question that I always encounter. Is thumbtack a good method of getting students? My answer? No. I’ve had a lot of teachers recommend that I use thumbtack. I actually started out on thumbtack, but it was never a successful tool for me. Thumbtack was good…but it lacked the ability to give me good students. I only got one student from thumbtack and she was paying me in 1 dollar bills. Now, you can imagine my frustration. I was driving to her house one day for lessons in the pouring rain. My car was skidding in different directions, but thank god I managed to get to her house safely. She lived about 35-40 minutes away from me. And she wouldn’t answer her phone. I was like… okay? How am I supposed to confirm with her whether or not she is available for a lesson today? I rang her doorbell when I got there. It took her 15 minutes to answer the door. She told me that she cannot have lessons today because she has to go somewhere. In addition, she also told me that she is not planning on continuing lessons for now. I was okay with it, but I asked her to pay me for the rest of the lessons we had. I wanted the payment now because I knew I wouldn’t see her for awhile. She was hesitant, but she came back with a large stack of 1 dollar bills for $25. I drove all the way over to her house just to have a lesson canceled in person! This isn’t the first experience I had with thumbtack. I decided to give it multiple tries and it wasn’t successful. Students wanted the cheapest price, but they also wanted good reviews. They WANTED to start learning the piano, but they want it to be free. Not everything in life is going to be free. I can guarantee you that if you are contemplating on using thumbtack, make sure that you are actually getting clients/students. Do not continue to use it if the people you get are flaky or hesitant because thumbtack charges you for every request that you make. I would continue to use it periodically if they let you do a free quote. Otherwise, I highly recommend other methods of getting students.

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