The beginning.

I’m very new to blogging. I’ve made many posts on Facebook about teaching and my experience with the piano, but I feel like that was different somehow. Making my own business was a harsh, daunting task. I often found myself stuck at a low number of students for awhile and I just wasn’t making enough money to support myself. It wasn’t until I decided to just go for it, that I grew my piano studio exponentially. I mean… I literally grew it over a three day span.

I plan to share with you how I set up my studio, what I did to maintain my studio, and how I advertised.

In the beginning, I was living in my parent’s home. And that was great because it allowed me to host my classes there. It was a place for me to invite students and teach. It may seem very easy to teach someone, but I STRUGGLED. I wasn’t good at teaching and many people were dropping out of my studio. This was very discouraging for someone at the age of 20. Why didn’t people like me? Why were they just ignoring my calls? Did I do something wrong? The answer to all of these questions was… calm down. I needed to stop worrying about the negative things. I was a beginner. How could I expect to keep 5 students at a time when I literally had 0 students two weeks ago? My advice for you is to keep calm. Do not be discouraged by students canceling or not showing up. Remember that people are busy and they are trying their best. Do not judge everyone right away and you will save yourself a lot of heartache.

After 2-3 years of maintaining my studio, I found myself getting used to a routine. I was always checking my schedule and managing my time well. My motto was to never be late to anything. And that worked! People started to like me and they were very pleased with my service. I guess the best part of teaching was that it was very flexible. Maintaining your studio is not very difficult. You just have to stay focused, organized, and dedicated; these three traits are very important to maintaining and keeping your studio.

Stay tuned for another blog post about how to effectively advertise πŸ™‚

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